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I love calligraphy and especially arabesque calligraphy.  This collection of shoes by the brand Aennis Eunis are just gorgeous! Don’t you agree…

Here is more about Aennis Eunis below:

The Philosophy:

The calligraphy and Arabesque collections are designed to add a sophisticated yet mystical flavor to ageless works of art, while providing harmonious balance between intricacy and style.
“The designs are related to the surrounding rich elements we could possibly take for granted, and these are the elements that make our cultural images rich and original,”
“An eclectic mixture of cultural experiences allowed me to take pride in being an Arab and determined to parade to the fashion world what we can create as Arabs. Ultimately, I developed an increasing passion to design my own line of women’s wear and accessories.”

About the designer:

Anas Younis Shanaah graduated with a degree in architecture in Amman, Jordan in 1992. With a passion for design he then left his native home for Italy where he embarked on his career in fashion by working closely with experts in the leather goods field in Florence.
Keen to further his experience he moved to New York to study Industrial Design and spent fifteen years collaborating with high-end retailers, designers and stylists. His expertise in design and his eye for detail and architectural gems paved the way for his unique and eccentric creations.

Anas established his label (aennis eunis) in 2009 in his hometown where he found his inspiration in the elements surrounding him.

Anas’ passion for fashion is crafted in each piece of his own creation.



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