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Some of you may find this very exciting!! I did!! I actually squealed. I came across this nail polish brand in ramadan.  Its always lovely to have painted nails, it looks so pretty.  I personally don’t paint my nails often due to the fact that I have to do do wudhu (ablution) and pray and with regular nail polish it’s an enamel that coats the layer of your nail, therefore when you need to do wudhu water won’t actually reach your nails since enamel isn’t porous .  I know a lot of girls paint they’re nails and still do wudhu and pray but this is just what I do.  It gets complicated.. but anyways back to what is so exciting is… Little Bu Nail polish!! Little Bu nail polishes are non toxic, water based and is made for little girls. I assume all little girls nail polishes may be similar but I have only tried this brand.  It’s perfect if you’re going to a wedding and return home late at night, you don’t have to go through the hassle of removing your nail polish with nail polish remover (nail polish remover is toxic enough!).  In the shower, or under warm running water give it a little rub and off it goes.  It’s obviously not the type of polish that you can go and do nail art with but it definitely is pretty and a great alternative to going bare.  I have asked a few religious people (don’t take my word for it-ask yourself) and they have agreed that since it is ‘water based’ technically you can use it and still do wudhu since it is porous.  The nail polish on it’s own, with just one wash will come off instantly- so you will need to use the top coat which is also water based.  It makes it last a little longer; so long as you’re not the type that is forever washing your hands.

Yes, it is made for little girls but it’s so cool and can be targeted to a whole new niche market.

You can purchase Little Bu Nail polish at and if you’re in the UAE you get free shipping!!

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