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There is nothing more I love than supporting a local brand that is really good at what they do!! Lave Affair is a husband and wife business who make natural soaps, lotion bars, salts scrubs and some more.  The brand came about when the couple could not find a solution to dry, cracked skin.  None of the over the counter and drug store products were helping and that’s when they turned to a natural solution.  I had heard of Lave affair and with my love for all things natural I couldn’t wait to try their products.  Was it telepathy when Huda rang me saying she had a box of goodies for me.. I don’t know.. I’m just thankful for having been introduced to this lovely brand. Read the rest of this entry »

I am one lucky girl who got a fabulous gift from Green Bar, a voucher to use at the Kempinski Spa where they are now providing Green Bar treatments.  Here is the post I did on Kempinski and Green bar.  All of you know my obsession with Green Bar products.  For me, the root of my love boils down to the root of the ingredients and the fact that it is as a la naturale makes me very happy and my go to product.  The Kempinski hotel is a modern hotel attached to Bahrain City Centre.  When you have achy feet for all the shopping how perfect would a Green Bar pedicure sound… heaven!!

The spa is urban, sophistcated and very zen like with lots of delicious Lavender greeting you at the entrance.  The very lovely therapist took me to the room where I had a lovely blissful Green Bar Experience Treatment done.  The treatment was for 90mins which included a body polish/scrub and wrapping the body with very warm towels (nothing like it!! ) then nourishing the skin with oils.  The treament also included a facial massage and a hair massage using a luxury oil rich mask of botanical protein.  This was a perfect mother’s day treat for myself and I am so glad I saved it for that day.  Looking to treat yourself and nourish your body with goodness… I definitely recommend this treatment at the Kempinski Spa!!

A little more info on Green Bar and it’s founder, click here


Here is the review I did on Green Bar’s Rosewater Collection, click here

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I just adore the scrapbook that came along with the package.  Pages and pages of lovely tid bit bit size info.

The lovely Lavender again in the therapy room.

Products used during my session 🙂

Here are some of the Green Bar products sold at the spa:

Have you ever wondered what exactly goes into your cosmetics? The lipstick you unconsciously apply.. the eye pencils and eyeshadows on your eyes…  It’s not something a lot of people even think twice about.  We just go about our days applying and re-applying creams, makeup, perfumes, cleansers, moisturisers etc and the list goes on and on ..

Anything we apply on our skin immediately goes into our blood stream within seconds so it really is important to know what IS in the stuff we put on ourselves regularly.

Click here to check out this awesome website that has a database with just under 70,000 products for you to check their toxicity and safety levels.  Start making smarter choices and don’t believe all the garbage advertisers try and sell you.  There are amazing alternatives out there that give you the same results; essential oils, mineral makeup, stuff in your pantry, grocery store, natural products and a whole lot more.

Click here to read more on the video above, The story of Stuff.

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