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 Basma K is an owner of an online Hijab store called Basma K Collection.   I came across Basma on instagram and love her style! Not only is she beautiful mashallah but she is a perfect style inspiration for hijabistas (Hijab wearers and fashion lovers).  She makes me want to own 1000 maxi skirts! Check out Basma’s Hijab store by clicking here.  You can follow Basma on instagram too (basma_k).

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Some of you may find this very exciting!! I did!! I actually squealed. I came across this nail polish brand in ramadan.  Its always lovely to have painted nails, it looks so pretty.  I personally don’t paint my nails often due to the fact that I have to do do wudhu (ablution) and pray and with regular nail polish it’s an enamel that coats the layer of your nail, therefore when you need to do wudhu water won’t actually reach your nails since enamel isn’t porous .  I know a lot of girls paint they’re nails and still do wudhu and pray but this is just what I do.  It gets complicated.. but anyways back to what is so exciting is… Little Bu Nail polish!! Little Bu nail polishes are non toxic, water based and is made for little girls. I assume all little girls nail polishes may be similar but I have only tried this brand.  It’s perfect if you’re going to a wedding and return home late at night, you don’t have to go through the hassle of removing your nail polish with nail polish remover (nail polish remover is toxic enough!).  In the shower, or under warm running water give it a little rub and off it goes.  It’s obviously not the type of polish that you can go and do nail art with but it definitely is pretty and a great alternative to going bare.  I have asked a few religious people (don’t take my word for it-ask yourself) and they have agreed that since it is ‘water based’ technically you can use it and still do wudhu since it is porous.  The nail polish on it’s own, with just one wash will come off instantly- so you will need to use the top coat which is also water based.  It makes it last a little longer; so long as you’re not the type that is forever washing your hands.

Yes, it is made for little girls but it’s so cool and can be targeted to a whole new niche market.

You can purchase Little Bu Nail polish at and if you’re in the UAE you get free shipping!!

For many years I have been trying to figure out how to stock up on one of my favorite shampoo brands without having to worry about carrying the weight when I travel and the fear of it exploding.  I was in touch about 6months ago with the Khaleeji Shopping Guide regarding purchasing the Clarisonic and different ways of getting it.  She knows her stuff well and has a great website which should come with a warning label (lock up your creditcards 😉 ).  While advising me about different websites, she happened to mention Look Fantastic which sells Clarisonic.  Not only does it sell Clarisonic but it sells Aveda, Urban Decay, Weleda, Dermalogica, Original Sprout and amazing other makeup, beauty, hair, body products!!

Now get this.. not only are they cheaper than the retail price in the UK (I have checked and compared) but they offer


This is amazing when you want to stock up on bottles of heavy oversized shampoos and loads of other stuff that usually would be difficult to travel with and take up weight which could be put towards more shopping!!

Below is the package I received with my first order.  The Aveda shampoo bottles I ordered were the oversized ones and very heavy!! So much excitement when I received my package after having a few failed attempts traveling with a bottles and having them explode in suitcases etc. Excuse the quality of the image as I took this with my blackberry.  Last night I started to fill up my shopping cart to place my second order and remembered that I needed to do a post for all of you…

Click here to visit Look Fantastic and spread the word.. this is what girlfriends are for .. spreading tips on FREE WORLD WIDE SHIPPING and great prices..

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Have you checked out the collaboration between my blog Electric Firefly and Lemuda ? Well you should because not only are these babies being sold at a fab discount online .. My readers, yes every one of you, get to have a voucher to receive even more of a discount!!!  It is soo worth it!! SO if you’re looking for a gift or just fancy treating yourself .. follow the extremely simple steps and you get to be the lucky one to get  these fab items at a steal!

Click here now to get YOU giveaway !

Miu Miu

Miu Miu





Miu Miu

I am sooooooooo excited to announce that Electric Firefly is collaborating with Lemuda to give my lovely readers an awesome giveaway.  I have been wanting to do a give away for a while  but this one is great because I won’t have to pick anyone ’cause you all will be winners!!! So spread the love, share the news with your friends, the more the merrier and you all walk away with a bonus discount voucher! How lovely is that … more $$$ savings your way.

What is Lemuda?

Lemuda is an online shopping portal that has flash sales and discounts on fab designer stuff!! Heard of THE OUTNET .. well think of Lemuda as the THE OUTNET of the Middle East!!!

“LEMUDA.COM is the new online luxury special store in the Middle East.
Focusing on runway styles and trendy accessories to complete your outfit, LEMUDA.COM equips you with tools to build your own unique and exclusive style at an affordable price. You will be able to achieve the latest fashion trends of the season by mixing and matching highly discounted high-end designer products with easy-to-wear brands. “

There are so many incentives why you should shop at Lemuda a few being:

You get to Shop in your own currency and all UAE orders have FREE SHIPPING and cash on delivery!!

Plus shopping with your voucher gets you to buy your stuff at a steal since products are all highly discounted!!!

So what do you have to do ??

It’s so ridiculously simple..

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(Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Turkey, UAE).

 The giveaway  ends on May 15th 2012.

Here are some of my picks from Lemuda which could be yours at an extra discount..

These are great to take you into Summer with colour.

How do I use the promo code that I received?
After you select and click ‘add to cart’ please click on ‘cart’ in the top right corner of your screen and the pop-up screen features a coupon code box. Kindly enter your promo code in this box and click ‘apply coupon’. In case you decide to use this promo code at another time, you may click the ‘cancel coupon’ button and proceed to checkout.

Make the most of this offer this weekend! Looking for something to pop into your closet for spring? You are sure to find that and more at a great price at The Outnet plus with free shipping!! Just enter code FREESPRINGSHIP at checkout.  Happy shopping 🙂

Click here to visit El Ilhaam.

To see My stunning El Ilhaam picks part 1. click here.

I love sharing local talent and especially when that local talent is family! El Ilhaam is an online Luxury Fashion portal providing sophisticated women around the world with the ultimate style-fix through an exclusive range of high-end brands.

The online store features the latest clothing and accessories to ensure every fashionista’s wardrobe contains the style essentials she needs from high end designers to local designers.

Who is behind this Dubai based portal?

The lovely Ilham Abbas (my cousin) whose passion is fashion has set up a company called Ilhaam Group, which is a Fashion, Luxury and Lifestyle brand to create a new and unique platform to showcase these industries. Through this platform El Ilhaam online website was born.  Ilham has always been ahead of the game and it’s inspiring to see where her dreams have led her!

I am so proud to do a post on El Ilham.  There were so many things I loved that I will be splitting this post in to two.

Here are my first picks from El Ilhaam







Here are some of my picks from ASOS’s new collection.  It’s still all about the maxi, bright colours, peg trousers and Prada inspired dresses..

ASOS’s SALE is worth checking out with prices slashed down to below £40.. You will be sure to grab a bargain and look great for summer!!

Here are a few of my sale picks…

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