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There’s a beautiful farmer’s market in Bahrain, that gives you more than the fruit and veggie that you buy.  I had heard of the farmer’s market in Budaiya and wanted to check out but I didn’t realize the emotions it would bring out in me.  Ok, maybe I am a bit on the emotional, sentimental side but there was something truly magical about the place and I was beaming with it’s aura.  I was first taken a back by the beautiful setting.  It is located at a lush green garden in Budaiya and it made me think that this is what they meant when they say that Bahrain used to be green and full of date palms.  The place was buzzing with people of all nationalities and all the farmer’s had their produce displayed attractively.  There are some farm animals on display which I am assuming is to entertain, educate and allow the kids to pet them (don’t think they were on sale.. or were they :s ? unless you have live cow on your grocery list :p).  I suggest you visit early Sat as it starts from 8am till noon.  You want to be there early to even take advantage of the Bahraini breakfast stalls that offer fresh yummy brekkies.  The line can be quite long and I was there at 10am.  I bumped into some friends there and we were so overwhelmed with the market and how beautiful it was to see everyone buy, sell, laugh, eat, drink tea, picnic in such beautiful, peaceful harmony.  I literally teared up.  This is the Bahrain I know and LOVE.  These are the people of this beautiful island.  Visiting the market not only do you go home with your week’s worth essential grocery shopping but you leave with a heartfelt piece that represents this island.

Location Budaiya Garden – Keep heading straight and pass al Osra till you head passed a few roundabouts.  You will start noticing the signs. The market is held every Sat from 8am till Noon till then end of MAY.

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