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We used to only associate “placenta” to pregnant women, birth and babies.  Now there is placenta in Hollywood.  We’ve heard of the placenta facials and creams and the celeb following and raves about it.  Have you heard though of Placenta shampoo? Well I have heard of hair treatments to help hair growth using placenta so this seems like a natural progression to that.

This shampoo contains a placenta enzyme which makes her shiny and bouncy.  Cow and sheep placenta has been used in the formulations of this shampoo.

“Describing how her mother first introduced her to the natural extract as a child Huffington Post‘s Erica Cheung said:’My mother would take me to the kitchen, sit me on a bar stool and prepare a beauty concoction for my hair in a silverware spoon.

‘She would heat it over a flame (usually on the stove) and when the liquid was hot, but not boiling, she would distribute it over my chocolate brown hair, concentrating on the scalp.

‘The concoction consisted of almond oil, tomato juice and placenta. Yes, placenta — like afterbirth.

At the time, I didn’t realize that what my mom was putting in my hair came from a living thing’s uterus.

‘In all honesty, the placenta smelled really good and looked like vegetable oil. The bi-weekly event became a beauty ritual and I’ve used placenta my whole life because of it.

‘The memory of my mother lathering afterbirth all over my head is akin to other memories of her teaching me how to braid my hair or going to buy my first bra. It was all very normal to me!’ from the Daily Mail.

Would you try a placenta shampoo?


I did a post a short while ago on the importance of delayed cord clamping.  Here is a great video by Penny Simkin why not to cut the cord immediately after the baby’s birth.

My first blog post 10days after birth!! Yes!!! I eventually gave birth to a beautiful baby boy after almost hitting 42 weeks! We got there in the end and we are besotted with our new little guy! I haven’t had the chance to do any posts recently what with 24 hour baby duty, nappy changes, nursing, 2 older siblings and wife duty but I have so much to share with you all.  This pregnancy, although my third, has taught me ALOT! and I would like to share the tips, info, and much more that I believe all contributed to my natural birth alhamdulilallah but for now this is a quick hello to everyone and a thank you for visiting and sharing this blog with your friends and loved ones… until the next post … ta ta for now xoxo

Every mom know’s whether you’re a first timer or have had a few kids, that a lot of stuff is required! And all that stuff needs a bag to organize it all in. There are a few things that I like to start researching in advance to see what my options are.  A diaper bag is an essential item and picking one can be quite tricky! There are soo many options and styles out there which can turn it into a daunting task.  This is my third pregnancy, which means I have had my share of bags.  My first pregnancy I came across a company called Petunia Pickle Bottom and I ordered the boxy diaper bag my only issue with it at the time was that it was fabric so it wore out fast (that was 7years ago so I am sure they have different types now).  My second pregnancy I bought the Fleurville diaper bag, not one but two (mother ship bag and lexie tote matching)!! This bag was awesome and loved it and 3 and a half years later it still looks great and will continue to use it as an extra bag.  This time I have come across a great company recommended by a few family members.
Ju-Ju-Be is a great company. Ju-Ju-Be™ was started by the dynamic duo of diaper bags. See below for who they are. Why did they start up a whole new brand? Because despite the great fashion (and even some great features) of the other brands, there were still some things lacking. No one had put to use the latest in technology. No one had successfully acted on the idea that fashion and function aren’t mutually exclusive. No one else had delved into the deep realm of microbes and anti-stick coatings. Everyone else says that diaper bags aren’t rocket science. We think they can be. Along with being a lot of fun
“Super cute. Super fun. Super functional. It all started with a simple idea about a diaper bag, and it’s gotten pretty crazy since then. But we haven’t forgotten what’s important…making the best diaper bag in the universe!..”
Even the press has been raving about their bags. Matt Damon was spotted carrying a Ju-Ju-Be dad bag. Click here.
I have fallen in love with one of their bags, the BeFabulous (earth leather brown). Not only is it a practical bag for baby but very trendy for mama! A bag that doesn’t look like the generic diaper bag, more like a leather satchel which means I won’t need to carry a handbag and it won’t clash with my clothes.
Ju-Ju-Be have a great line for dads too!!
Ju-Ju-Be (Be Fabulous)
Here are some other Ju-Ju-Be bags
Ju-Ju-Be (Be Prepared)
Ju-Ju-Be (Be Prepared)
Ju-Ju-Be (BFF)
Limited Be Unique Be all Peace
*images belong to Ju-Ju-Be

A dear friend of mine is a nutritionist and an author of yet another GREAT book!! Alia Almoayed has answers to all the questions you may think of ready for you in this easy to read book! A practical guide from conception to birth.  So whether you’re thinking of getting preggers or pregnant with your first or third, this book comes in handy for those of all experience levels.

Make sure to pencil this date in your diaries to be the first to get your copy at the launching of her book.

Saturday the 29th Jan 2011.  Bahrain – Seef Mall new extension

Is pregnancy different for a nutritionist?  Does pregnancy get easier when you’re eating well? Does nutrition really make a difference for mother and baby during this important stage?

Find out how to have a healthy and vibrant pregnancy the natural way!

I Want a Healthy Pregnancy is a must for every mother-to-be who wants a natural, comfortable and stress-free pregnancy.

In a light and simple manner, Nutritional Therapist Alia Almoayed explores her own pregnancy journals to help you find simple and natural approaches to conception, pregnancy and delivery.

Discover how an optimum diet and lifestyle can enhance your pregnancy experience and give you amazing results – a healthy pregnancy, a vibrant mummy and a super baby!


How to maximise your nutrient intake

How to address nausea, fatigue and digestive issues

How to deal with cravings, appetite and weight

How to use natural remedies for common pregnancy symptoms

How to handle pregnancy’s emotional rollercoaster

How to boost your immune defences

How to optimise pregnancy during travel, work and fasting

How to plan a healthy menu and exercise routine

How to have a happy, natural and drug-free delivery

… and much more

Packed full of first-hand, tried and tested advice that really works, I Want a Healthy Pregnancy will be your best friend throughout your amazing journey to motherhood.

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