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image_15 Firstly I would like to say, my pictures don’t do the food justice.  The lighting is really dim at the restaurant but I tried my best to capture images of our order and the exquisite food we devoured.  I was invited along with friends to come and try the new menu at Zoe.  It was a fun night of catching up and yummy food; and thats what it should always be about.  We all ordered different stuff form the menu to keep it the choices varied.  The food was so good that night and definitely worth a second (and more) visit.

Adliya block 338 has become such  a great place to hang out, walk, soak in the arts and just a great atmosphere day or night.

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There’s a new restaurant opened in Durrat Al Bahrain and it’s causing quite a buzz! Where vintage meets modern; step back in time where things were simple, food was great, company was always lively and stories were told over cup and cups of tea and gahwa.  If you haven’t ventured down or up (not sure what it looks like on the map) then am sure you have either heard about it through friends or checked them out on instagram @basta23bh.  At Basta you will find traditional Bahraini breakfast, dishes, grills and dessert.  Looking for a bit of nostalgia, how about ordering Chips Oman with Cheese and chili sauce or a Samboosa Sandwhich.  That will surely take you back to the good o’l days of when we were young getting our grub from the baqala (barrada) or school cafeterias.  The decor is a throwback to the days where you bought your spices from the souq and dishes were served in hot pots, and arabic 60s music was blaring in the background.

Basta 23 is owned by Amer Alkhan with his wife Sara Buiji and it is very much a family affair.  You will find all members of the family there taking orders, serving the customers and even preparing meals.  A true Bahraini love, warmth and hospitality is felt the minute you walk into Basta and you leave as part of the family.  Basta 23 will be opening branches in town soon.  Location to be revealed later.  In the mean time head up/down 😉 to Durrat with your family and enjoy some Basta time with your loved ones.














iol With the Basta girls left: Eman Alkhan and right: Sara Buhiji

A group of #bahrainbloggers (follow the hashtag on twitter for updates) were invited to Salad Boutique in Adliya last night.  The restaurant is in Block 338 and is opposite to Cafe Italia restaurant.  Salad Boutique is a franchise from Kuwait and has been open just over a year! When you are seated at the table everyone is handed ipads to go through the menu.  There is an impressive list of food on the menu and the portions are very generous! The one thing that made us take a double look was that Beluga Caviar  is on the menu at BD100! We were the lucky ones to try out this expensive delicacy and I must say I quite enjoyed it.  I don’t know what the correct etiquette is when it comes to eating caviar but spreading it on toast with a squeeze of lemon juice and it was perfect! Thanks again Salad Boutique for a lovely evening.

The ramadan timings are : 6pm to 2am. After Ramadan weekdays 9 am to 12.30 am weekends 9 am to 1.30 am

click here to visit their site and follow them on twitter @saladboutiquebh



Jarjeer Milkshake- surprisingly quite refreshing and sweet!


The delicacy of the night 



Last week a few bloggers and I were invited to Blaze Burger in Adliya to try out their ramadan menu.  Blaze Burger is fabulous little home grown Bahraini run restaurant tucked away in Adliya (on the street right behind the new La Cucina Restaurant near Lilou’s) who are known for their monthly menu changes and crazy milkshakes (heard of the Balaleet Shake- was a hit & talk of the town).  The night was filled with chatter, laughter and a whole lot of eating!! Blaze Burger is run by a Bahraini whose love and passion for the place is visible from the food, place and his energy when he talks about what he knows best “burgers”.  Blaze Burgers has just mastered their signature sauce and we were the first who got to taste the full flavored sauce! They are proud to be one of the few burger joints to serve a sauce that mainly consists of “fresh” ingredients unlike most competitors. The unveiling of a special burger took place that night which will be introduced at Eid, The Best Burger in the World.  Although I didn’t eat it (don’t eat meat) I can appreciate the passion that went into preparing the meat which is made from a complex and very fine blend of beef cuts.

The Ramadan Special Menu :

Mushroom Cheese bullets

Crunchy burger topping (honey mustard and Roasted garlic mayo),

Strawberry Rose Milkshake

Date Rahash Milkshake

Also: Blaze Sauce (not in the picture) which will be their signature sauce. Will be available in the future

Mushroom Cheese bullets

The Mini-Crunchy Burger

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