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This morning was the Beta launch of the much anticipated app/site FASHLINK! Unfortunately I didn’t get to attend the event due to not being in the country ;(.  However I did get to install the app on my ipad first thing this morning and play around!! And BOY was it fun!!! The official launch of FASHLINK will be in January so stay tuned for more news on that. In the meantime get the FREE app on itunes and have your closet with you wherever you go.  Shopping just won’t be the same!

Below and above are some images from the event this morning.

Payal Patel Business Development Director during Fashlink demo this morning

I have always loved to walk through parks and commons in the UK and stop by benches and read the names and messages of the people the benches have been dedicated to.  It is such a beautiful gesture and a beautiful way to keep their memory alive.  In Dubai benches are definitely lacking and SAUCE have come up with a great way to get the initiative moving.  Look at their campaign idea of getting the community involved.  I love SAUCE! Their boutique is one of my favorite spots in Dubai and definitely a must visit if youre in the city.

While other cities around the world celebrate the stories told, the lives lived and the moments shared on benches, we hope to increase the number of benches in our city, so that someday, we too can tell the stories that have unfolded upon them.

Sometimes you don’t need a restaurant or coffee shop, you just need abench.

And so we invite you, the community, to contribute and join in the conversation by sharing bench related photos, images stories and thoughts that inspire you!

Click here to find out more


I remember first seeing this product on a tv show called Cougar Town.  The minute I saw it I didn’t know what it was called but I knew I had to have one!! It made complete sense, ofcourse a blanket should have sleeves! That was a genius observation that everyone else had overlooked. When I am a little under the weather, which I am now, the best thing to have keeping you snug as a bug and allow you to be functional is a snuggie!

Snuggie blankets are great for picnics, outdoor events, travel, and so much more.  They come in different sizes from adults, kids, pets and a sharing snuggie for couples 🙂




*image belongs to snuggie

MARKET OPEN EVERY SATURDAY 11AM-5PMCabbages & Frocks in Vogue's Secret Address Book, December 2008

The Cabbages & Frocks market has successfully created a following in Marylebone village. The market has been created by the organisers of the popular London Fashion Designer Sales.

You will see a combination of delicious fine and organic Continental and British goodies alongside fashion. Enjoy cappuccinos and cup cakes, difficult to resist whilst doing your weekly shop!

Food specialities will include: olive oils, balsamic syrup and vinegars, divine cupcakes, fine breads, olives, cheeses, Argentinian steak sandwiches, Hog Roast, Japanese delicacies, hot chocolate, organic crepes and galettes, ex-Caviar House, plus Moroccan bedouin food from Abdul ex-Momo’s.

The market also supports new designers and cottage industries. There is retro and vintage clothing, homewares, cute childrens clothes, hand blown glass and jewellery by individual designers


Wednesday 17 November, 1pm-7pm

Massive Christmas market, festive gifts, fashion, cashmere, accessories, jewellery, childrenàs wear,
decorations. Food on the go, hogroast, sausages, cakes, truffles, crepes

William Ellis School, Highgate Road, NW5 1RN, Heath Entrance
Sunday 5 December 11am-4pm

Festive day for all the family with gifts, fashion and fun. Delicious hot food, mulled wine, mince pies. Entertainment.

Gower Street, WC1E 6BT
Tuesday 7 December, 1pm-8pm

Outdoor/indoor market. Foodie paradise! and more. Including Moroccan, Italian, Spanish paella, Mexican and Japanese food. Hog-roast, organic sausages, pancakes, Christmas cupcakes. Do all your Christmas shopping, Gifts, fashion and accessories at all price levels.

*images belong to cabbages & frocks

In the heart of the CITY where during the week this area would be crowded with men in suits lunching during their breaks.  On the weekend is a whole different scene! This area turns into a market place with all sorts of stalls.  On different days they sell different things (check below).  A lovely lively market with lots to do and see with great lunch options around.

Old Spitalfields Market has been voted the best market place for 2 years in a row! Click here for more info.

Market Stalls:

Mon – Wed: All shops & no stalls
Thu: Antiques & vintage
Fri: Fashion & art
Sat: All shops & no stalls
Sun: Busiest day – all shops & all stalls

Opening Times:
Thursday & Friday 10am – 4pm
Sundays, 9am – 5pm

Check with individual restaurants but generally 11am – 11pm Monday to Friday and 9am – 5pm on Sundays

Check with individual shops but in general Monday to Sunday 11am – 7pm

*image belongs to wikipedia

Here is a little something for the boys. Walking down Carnaby st. heading to my usual lunch spot “PURE” I stopped staring at a familiar face, OASIS singer Liam Gallagher! Walking into the store felt like I was peaking into his wardrobe. The clothes seemed so familiar because they are so distinctly HIM.  Everything from the velvet blazers to the scarves shirts and t-shirts had his stamp on it.  This newly opened store is his debut into men’s fashion wear! which makes complete sense since him and his brother have their distinct fashion sense.  Read below to find out more…


Men’s wear brand of the year DRAPERS FASHION AWARD 2010

Pretty Green is a british clothing label founded and designed by Liam Gallagher

There are two distinct collections:

Green Label is a focussed, casusal range dedicated to proviing quality, everday signature pieces.

Black Label is classic British tailoring, using fine fabrics with an innovative attention to detail.


Liam Gallagher celebrated the opening of his label Pretty Green’s first store in Carnaby Street, London.

Celebrity friends of the iconic rock star were out in force to show their support: Nicole and Natalie Appleton, Beady Eye band members Andy Bell, Gem Archer and Chris Sharrock, Stereophonic’s Kelly Jones, Zak Starkey, Audiobullies, Black Twang, Gary Crowley, Phil Daniels and actor Tom Ellis.

The 2000sq ft store is housed over two storey’s with the basement area featuring a panoramic image of Liam on Brighton Beach and a Lambretta Li 150 series 3 replica scooter. The temporary shop will be selling a selection of exclusive one of pieces as well as the Green Label and Black Label Spring Summer collections.

All pictures part of the BLACK LABEL


*images at the top belong to electric firefly

*images below belong to pretty green

Portabello Road is famous for it’s antiques, furnitures and vintage shops.. and more importantly it’s bustling market on Sundays!  Beware these pictures will make you miss LONDON.. i’m already going through withdrawls…

I just love LONDON ❤

Before you scroll down to the pictures, play the song as you go along 🙂

Carpet of leaves paving the way to Notting Hill

Glee boys singing 🙂

following the crowd to Portabello Road Market

love live music, these guys are soo talented!

love old tins would collect them all if I could

love collecting vintage cameras

his music is above and below


Eid Mubarak everyone and Haj mabroor wa thanb maghfoor to those of you who performed HAJ! I know I’m late with my eid greetings but I have been away on holiday and my laptop has been acting up!

In a way it was a blessing that all the stuff that keeps me connected with everyone decided to not work while on holiday giving me complete disconnection which is what a holiday is all about!

I had a lovely break with the hubby in London! We walked, talked, explored, breathed and of course shopped! Just a little bit of the essentials though, this trip was more about just us!

With all the exploring we came across some great restaurants, cafes and food stalls not to mention some cool vintage fairs…

Will be posting all about them this week! Have soo much to catch up on and excited to share them all with you!




*received image via email it’s soo cute and wanted to share




I try to be as “green” as I can.  I recycle my paper, plastic and cans.  I take my own reusable grocery bags to the supermarket.  I must post a pic of my little cotton bags that I made to put the veg and fruits in :).  If I am out and about shopping and forgot my bags I would then just pile all my shopping into one bag that the shop provided.

At home we have almost completely cut out all cleaning (chemical) products and literally use basic home made recipes for cleaning.  

(will be posting the my eco home cleaning tips in another blog)


These are a few simple things to remember which make a huge difference. 

1. When you walk out of the room switch the lights off, no need to leave them on when no one is using the room.  

2. While brushing your teeth don’t keep the water running.

3. Use cotton napkins at the dinner table instead of paper or tissue boxes.


Now if you’re looking for a green alternative to plastic and paper bags that are functional and look great! 


Here is a website I came across that provide just that!


It consists of four bags that come in a great carrier to store them in! No more bulky shopping bags.. These are durable, lightweight and compact when tucked away!


These are definitely on my shopping list




*images from getmyeco


With just 3 simple steps you can have your very own personal shopper !
Check out this new website

Here is what the experts at whowhatwear have to say who are also the “style experts for Just Fabulous”!!!

Everyone knows that celebrities enjoy an enviable existence, but of all the many perks of fame, there’s only one with universal appeal—their accessories, which are hand-selected by top stylists. Think about it: how amazing would it be to have someone personally pick the best bags and shoes for you? Well, dear readers, now you can enjoy a similar experience, courtesy of the amazing new website JustFabulous! 

The JustFabulous concept is brilliant, to say the very least. Essentially, it’s a like a really chic shoe and handbag of the month club. Enrollment is free: all you have to do is take a short fashion personality quiz when you first sign up! Once you’ve answered a few questions about your fashion preferences, the site’s style gurus will handpick a selection of shoes and bags for you to choose from every month. Simply decide what you want to buy—maybe it’s a pair of shoes or a handbag, or you can mix and match with one of each—and pay $39.95 for each piece. Yes, you read that correctly: $39.95! It’s a steal to say the least! Plus, if you don’t want to buy anything, it’s no problem. You can just skip that month and JustFabulous will send you new options next month. And, if that wasn’t enough, shipping is free and returns and exchanges are easy—talk about savvy shopping! “

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