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I came across an article the other day and it made soo much sense!! The article was about breast cancer “awareness” month and how it should be called breast cancer “prevention” month instead! 

Why not start educating people on the right food to eat, the toxins around us on a daily basis to avoid, the vitamins we need and the exercise our body is crying out for!

If women were to effectively prevent cancer by avoiding toxic chemicals, eating anti-cancer foods and boosting their intake of anti-cancer nutrients like vitamin D, cancer rates across Americawould plummet — perhaps by as much as 80%.  And that, in turn, would hit the profits of the cancer industry hard, reducing both incomes as well as influence. Perhaps more frighteningly, preventing cancer would hammer the sales of products from companies that engage in pinkwashing campaigns. ”  Please read his article. 

It’s ironic how many of us know what to avoid yet we do it any ways.  We know the risks of smoking and second hand smoke but we expose ourselves to it.  

Life is short and by enjoying healthy food you are making the better option! Pretending that food and what you put in your body doesn’t matter is only fooling yourself.. Start empowering yourself and learn the benefits of food. Avoid processed products. 

AND YES healthy food can be delicious!! start getting into the kitchen and experimenting!! There will be no turning back!

Health Rocks people.. wishing you the best of it!! 


p.s let me know what you thought of the article.. agree or disagree?

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