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Zayan Ghandour was born in Beirut, Lebanon. She began designing limited edition one-off T-shirts while writing for the Daily Star newspaper (an affiliate of the Herald Tribune), before moving to Dubai in 2000 and retailing at one of the most prominent multi-brand boutiques.

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Noosh is the latest fashion label born in Dubai to two unique, girly coffee loving sisters!  Their designs are fun, practical, stylish and effortlessly chic!  I know the stylish duo from way back and when I heard they were doing a clothing line I was very excited to see the styles they were going to come up with!  They exceeded my expectations and came up with designs that last and are not just bang on trend! Each design is versatile and can be easily worn from day to night.  Well done Alia and Noora!! I cant wait to get my hands on a piece once I get my post baby body back 😉

Wanna grab your very own Noosh ensemble click here to purchase online.

You can become a fan of Noosh on facebook here

About Noosh:

Two sisters, one fashion label, and many empty cups. That’s our first take as we sit down with the sisters of NOOSH, Alia and Noora. When Noora, the label’s designer, tells us it was coffee that was her inspiration, it didn’t come as much of a surprise. Known as the girl with a mug as an appendage, it seemed only natural that it would not only be her fuel but her muse. Coffee can be both soothing and energizing at the same time, and NOOSH dresses seem to reflect that dynamic – chic and effortless, with unexpected bits of fun.

“There are almost no dresses in the collection you couldn’t wear to brunch with your BFF and keep on through the day till dinner with…(fill in the blank!). That was especially important to us because it is exactly what we felt was missing in our (albeit over stuffed) wardrobe”.

“24/7/365 kind of dresses – we want someone to feel that quiet excitement you get 

dreaming up all the places and occasions you can wear your new dress.”

While the design process may all start with a cup of coffee, we learned the NOOSH aesthetic was inspired by the beautiful colors on the streets of Florence where Noora, 29, spent time studying art and cooking (which she admits is something she only ever does for special occasions). The sisters, interrupting each other as they speak, clearly agree on at least one thing and that is that casual doesn’t have to be boring, and dressed up doesn’t have to look fussy. They built NOOSH on their love for style that is authentic and feels true to the person.

“…smooth lines, sometimes with a frothy sleeve or a bubbly embellishment. But I like to 

keep things simple, and flattering, and WEARABLE. The real fun part? Luscious texture. And luscious, luscious color.”

We’d have to agree. The dresses feel just as good on the inside as they look on the outside. The detailing, brought home as beautiful memories from trips to Italy, is always used sparingly. Which makes it just that much more precious.

“Little luxuries. From soft linings to a beautifully unique dress bag… I want someone to feel the love we put in all the details.”

Alia responds with a polite smile and I’m not sure how well my suggestion was received. Alia, 33, has an MBA and has spent her career so far as a strategy and management consultant helping businesses succeed. She has always tried to find creative outlets however, whether it be freelancing as a beauty writer or drawing and dabbling in graphic design. When she saw the dresses her sister made for her as a gift, she fell in love immediately – not only with the dresses but also with the idea that they

clearly had a new fashion label ready to be claimed. But she moves on quickly and now she’s opening up the NOOSH Look Book to show us her own personal favorites

“I want what I’m wearing to stand out, but I’d hate to look like I’m TRYING to stand out. Wait, are you quoting me on that?”

Alia happily chats away about the signature desserts being made for their upcoming events. Noora, meanwhile, stares lovingly into her fresh cup seemingly mesmerized by the swirls of the froth, possibly dreaming up her next concoction.

These girls are unapologetically feminine while being no non-sense about what they want. We’re left with a clear sense of their distinctive style as well as the personal happiness infused into every loving detail.

I LOVE TIBI!! Their designs are wearable to most women.  TIBI clothes will always be worn with confidence.  Olivia Palmero who has amazing style teamed up with Tibi and was asked to pick clothing from their line and to style them in her own way! Each outfit I want 🙂 The trench coat with the feminine frilly collar and the gorgeous maxi dresses are to die for!!

Have a look at her picks and let me know what you think.


*images belong to tibi


H&M’s SS11 line looks very promising! Just watching the video I spotted more than 5 things that I would defo wear!!! A lot of great pieces for those who want to cover up and still look spot on trend.



These t-shirts are uniquely designed to blend contemporary and islamic designs as a wearable form.  The islamic patterns and arabic sayings are a great way to express yourself as a muslim youth whether your’e living in the middle east or the west.  These t-shirts are great even as gifts to your western friends. A very unique product which will attract any t-shirt lover:)

I love the hoodie with the star!


The Islamic Design House strongly feels the need for the creation of an online store that houses a range of quality, innovative products that specifically cater for Muslims living in the west. We aim to achieve this by strongly collaborating with young creative individuals and companies to bring you the best. We are pleased to have begun this project by working with creative and innovative companies, who in their own right are leading their fields, such as Silk Route ClothingAerosol ArabicVisual DhikrSisters Magazine and Cute Culture but we strongly desire for this list to grow and we are currently in discussions with other companies.

*images belong to

Since the 70’s t-shirts have been a way of self expression.  Whether it’s in support of a cause, your favorite band, a movement you believe in, or to show your sense of humor.  It’s the first thing a person sees before you open your mouth to start a conversation.  It’s the first impression you make and give out.  The people behind these t-shirts know that and have designed t-shirts with positive messages and t-shirts that make a difference. They “are driven by the idea that every individual, regardless of race or creed, status or disposition, should be able to pick up a shirt and wear it with pride and appreciate it for its message.”Faraz Zaidi.

Profound Aesthetic is a clothing brand founded on many grounds, but principally behind the bona fide love of two things: everything art and the love of wisdom.  It is a creative outlet of expression that carries weight with tremendous metaphoric connotation delivered to the masses through the universal language of art.

Designed to inspire and spark innovation, each piece is carefully thought out to depict not only a visually appealing garment but also a powerful concept.  This distinct combination defines the brilliance of The Profound Aesthetic Movement.  Rendering a positive message, pushing the limits of intellectual creativity to fit an eclectic taste in fashion and mind.  The result is a distinguished t-shirt that transcends all boundaries, suitable for every citizen of humanity. Come join the Profound Aesthetic Movement.

Click here to look at their Autumn2010 lookbook

I haven’t had much time on my hands recently to create my own fashion/trend collage, which I hope to start soon.  Here are a few collages I came across for Fall that suited the “muhjababe” in us all.  Add a t-shirt extender here and a long sleeve body there and BANG you’re good to go! Hopefully some cool weather hits us soon so that we don’t actually have to travel to get to wear these yummy outfits! xoxo *images belong to Mega Zagadka

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