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I am very very sad to say that unfortunately after all the INGLOT O2M madness, that it turned out not to be quite what it seemed.  I am gutted! It may sound a tad dramatic, but I as soo excited to finally be able to wear nailpolish without worrying about my salaaat.  I was totally convinced by what they marketed and said how it is created from a polymer similar to contact lenses; so to me it made complete sense. I wore it for months without a flinch and now I feel awful.  I didn’t even consider testing it, until I started to notice others testing it and it was coming up negative.  I wanted to believe so bad that for me it would work, which is why I didn’t do an itty bitty patch test but a massive patch and put a lot of water and massaged it in for a while etc.. (maybe if I get the time I will post my own test online) but sadly it didn’t pass the test at all! In hindsight I should have tested it before buying a massive stock of O2M.. oh well.. Read the rest of this entry »

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