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I attended a basic make up course a while back by The Makeup Manual guru Mai Almoayed.  This is a must workshop for all girls.  Even if you know a thing or two about makeup and how to apply, you will still leave with a wealth of knowledge! The amount of hand written notes I jotted down was pages long.  She goes through the complete basics, pre application, explanation of brushes, tips of the trade and so much more.  Makeup Forever has a stand at her place where we got to purchase products and have her guide us with exactly what is suitable for our skin, tone and matching the right foundation colour.  I am really looking forward to taking her advance class and this girl is always fully booked mashallah!! Her classes tend to be over full (limited no. of seats per class) and theres a waiting a list.

Now here’s the good news for all you Dubaian chicas; The Makeup Manual is coming to Dubai!! Don’t miss this opportunity she’s not only talented but a real sweetheart.  Follow her on @themakeupmanual and if you have any makeup related questions she always tries her best to answer her followers as prompt as she can.

The Makeup Manual coming to Dubai soon.. stay tuned for dates.

(below is her announcement)


Below are images taken place in Bahrain at Mai’s Basic course.


The famous ballet pumps by Repetto get Niftee-fied in their latest campaign “Repetto Loves Art”.  The campaign by Repetto is to support local communities and the arts.  Talent from the region have been chosen to redesign a white pair of Repetto Ballerina shoes and AlJood Lootah founder of Niftee was one of the ones picked.

Aljood’s design reflects the culture of the UAE as she uses her grandmother’s burqa’a to redesign the ballerina shoe.

“The Burqa’a Repetto is a story of generations weaved into its very threads. Its Arabesque pattern represents the infinity of a classic piece, a symbol of strength and femininity that will stand the test of time.”

I love Repetto ballerinas and love how Niftee redesigned the shoe.   The arabesque stenciling on the burqa’a is beautiful!!


Ramadan and Fasting tips from Nutritional Therapist Alia Almoayed.
Click below video to watch it with English subtitles

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حلقات رمضان – قريبا

اخصائية التغذية علياء المؤيد تجعل رمضانك احلى واصح هذه السنة مع نصائح التغذية المتواصلة واجابات لاهم الاسئلة المتعلقة بصحتك في رمضان.

حصرياً على

Can you believe a year has gone by?? 2011 the year that gave rise to the arab spring.. Political rapper, and lyricist Yassin Salman a.k.a The Narcicyst got together with some artists to commemorate the rebirth of Egypt.  “I feel the winds of change, but everything is still the same..”
Even Though I fear the sun, I can only see the reign…

You can visit The Narcicyst’s site here.

The Narcicyst – Fly Over Egypt
Directed by Wesam Nassar
Song Produced by Bei-Ru
All Lyrics by The Narcicyst (Y.Alsalman)
Artwork by Sundus Abdul Hadi, Ridwan Adhami, Tamara Abdul Hadi and Nik Brovkin
2012 All rights reserved by The Medium

In the light of day you are more than just a knight
seeking for a right of way asking is it just to fight..
I feel the winds of change, but everything is still the same
Even Though I fear the sun, I can only see the reign…(x2)

Won’t need no magic carpets,
genies Aladdin sparking
he, me, Bags of the darkest
nights in the fat of august..
lights from the flash of knowledge,
gave all my cash to college,
They pay me no dime if you pay me no mind,

Don’t play me your rhymes or slay me no swine
homie just back up off us!
wrap it up… we packing up and we’ll be back in the morning…
What is your revolution? going in circles daily?
Step out your virtual office, why we work to get lazy?…

Having motherless babies… they lift curtains up off us…
that’s why we use our spotlights in the search for their coffins
From Jail Bird Fathers
turned us to Doves, that Hail All Maytyrs….

In the light of day you are more than just a knight
seeking for a right of way asking is it just to fight..
I feel the winds of change, but everything is still the same
Even Though I fear the sun, I can only see the reign…(x2)

Verse 2:

More Power to the People
Point out your brothers evils.
Give your sister a hand, although she doesn’t need you…
See Your Flaws when you wake up, they are nothing to sleep through…
and all the money in the world might keep you warm and feed you..

Before the greed will eat you…Do you believe we’re equal?
Or just a plus or minus, they either want or need you.
Society cerebral..Spiritual Cemetary….
Where we’ve buried our feelings for people we visit rarely,

The Television told me the we’re living in scary times,
We were blind, I could see it clearly..
I wouldn’t speak so you could hear me on the beat..
Heard they fear me if i was beardy…
As long as the fashion can match the passion, then you’ll listen really…

If nothing is certain…assertively it serves a purpose
We are on the verge of chaos and everything is perfect.
Blow my clouds in cursive…searching around an earth
Deserted but proud and worth of all these soundless words…
May i ask you …

In the light of day you are more than just a knight
seeking for a right of way asking is it just to fight..
I feel the winds of change, but everything is still the same
Even Though I fear the sun, I can only see the reign…(x2)


Can, i hitch a ride, come…. let us fly over the egypt
and find, peace in our mind…denying our demons.
my light will you be right, there by my side when I see this…
and can I kiss your eyes, so we can fly over Egypt…

In the light of day you are more than just a knight
seeking for a right of way asking is it just to fight..
I feel the winds of change, but everything is still the same
Even Though I fear the sun, I can only see the reign…(X2)

There’s a new where to guide in Dubai and its the online Dubai Confidential.  With loads of insider scoop on places to go, shop, beauty, events and much much more with the help of their secret agents who have tried and tested them all.

Click here to discover the hidden gems of Dubai.

Pre-order your 2 Disc Special Edition City of Life DVD now. Launch date will be updated very soon. For those of you in the UAE: A signing will take place in Virgin, Mall of the Emirates with the director and cast. “Countdown” up soon!

Congratulations to Ashraf Gori for winning the CITY OF LIFE design competition! The DVD cover looks fab!



There’s a new campaign in DUBAI and if you haven’t heard of it already you will be seeing a lot of people wearing it soon.  I got the chance to interview Co-founder Mishaal Algergawi on the campaign and how it all began.

Here is the interview:

1. what is #iamhere?

#iamhere is a campaign driven design line.

2. How did you come up with the idea of a campaign?

Earlier in the year, I gave a presentation about Dubai that aimed to look at how it got where it did and where it could go from here. When writing the presentation, I felt I needed to contextualise myself to Dubai from metropolitan perspective and it came to me. I started the presentation with the statement I am here because I like dubai. It seemed perfect. Giorgio Ungania, best known for making TEDxDubai a reality, had helped build the presentation on prezi tweeted for the first time: #iamherebecauseilikedubai and it caught on; not too much, but enough to convince me and him that there was a lot of love for the Dubai.

A few weeks after the presentation, Bushra Badri, a graphic designer who I worked with often and on that presentation as well, told me that she was approached by a few friends who wanted her to print that statement on a bag and a t-shirt. She said to me: “why don’t you do it? As a business?” I was reluctant for a few weeks. After all, I’m a writer. I had no idea how to print t-shirts, let alone sell them. I wasn’t even sure I was interested in that. Frankly, it seemed like a headache. A few more conversations about the lack of content creation, local production and successful start up stories with Bushra got me on board. For that – and much more – I am eternally grateful to her. Once we got kicking, we realised very quickly that the Dubai project was just one campaign and that we had a few more ideas for different ones. We needed an umbrella for all of that. #iamhere made a lot of sense.

3. In western media there have been quite a bit of Dubai bashing going on. Was that a motivation to be proactive with #iamhere?

As a writer, I think the need to engage with what is referred to as Dubai Bashing is important however, I think more than anything, Bushra and I found in #iamhere the right opportunity to address the lack of local production and exploring the region’s rich visual culture. In other words, #iamhere is for the region and those who live in it.

4. What do you hope to gain with this campaign?

From a commercial point of view, I wanted people to buy the products because they are genuinely thought out and they were well designed and produced. From a cultural point of view, I wanted people to find a notion to rally around. #iamherebecauseilikedubai is a celebration of those who have stayed after the bust, who are here for more than just the money. The dust of the bust has settled and we are now collecting ourselves. We are now asking ourselves harder questions than we ever did before. We are now here because we like Dubai.

5. Where can we buy the #iamhere products other than online?

Considering we’re a start up we couldn’t afford to have any retail agreements without either significantly eroding our margins or increasing the retail price to our customers. However, we have been approached by various schools, universities, events organizers around town whom we hope to work with over the next few weeks.

6. Will you be hosting events under #iamhere to get the word out?

We’ll be participating in some events but no plans to host anything just yet.

7. As an Emirati what would your advice be to the young Emiratis about being proactive and standing up for what they believe in?

I think we need to assassinate the fear-of-failure culture in the UAE. If I hadn’t done #iamhere, then I’d know that every time I saw a t-shirt or a notebook with Dubai on it I would wonder what ours would’ve looked like.

8. Why did you choose to name it #iamherebecauselikedubai and not “love” ?

Considering that I wrote that statement almost spontaneously, I cannot claim that it was completely thought-out at the time but looking back I’m glad I did. You see in contemporary culture, the word love’s become desensitised. Everyone loves everything but when people say they like something it has much more resonance. Like seems – to me at least – a more rational emotion if you may. When translating it later to Arabic, at first for an article, I thought ‘eshq’ (to lose one’s heart for), an even more profound sentiment than Love, was appropriate because I didn’t want to cut corners with arabic population. With respect to Emiratis and Arabs who resided in Dubai and Arab culture being a conservative one by default needed a strong statement to evoke their feelings towards the city which they love without a doubt.

9. I understand its both Bushra Badri and yourself who are the founders?

Yes. We co-found it and co-own it.

Thanks Mishaal and good luck to the both of you! 🙂

Visit #iamhere to check out the products and start wearing them with pride 🙂

*images belong to #iamhere

I am worried about the environment A LOT! I recycle, save energy, use natural cleaning products .. but WE all need to join the bandwagon! Every little bit helps! We need to do this for our children and grandchildren.  We need to secure a better planet for the next generations to come!

My cousin works with Emirates Wildlife Society and was part of the team to create this eye opening video on the UAE’s high rate of carbon footprint (one of the components of ecological footprint). Now that is not good! It is in OUR hands to start changing that statistic!

Emirates Wildlife Society in Association with the World Wide Fund for Nature (EWS-WWF), developed the Ecological Footprint animation as part of a larger federal sustainability initiative- the Al Basma Al Beeiya Initiative (the Ecological Footprint Initiative) to raise awareness in the UAE about the impacts of high consumption lifestyles on the planet.

The animation was developed as an awareness tool that would firstly inform people, and secondly inspire them to rethink the consumption choices by highlighting the impact of these choices on the environment. The objective of the animation is to highlight to the general public the scarcity of natural resources and the need to live within our resource means to ensure a healthy life for future generations.

This video is a great learning tool to show your children or to even pass on to the schools and teachers.

Please visit their youtube account  where you can view the animation in Arabic and English ( share the link on all your social networks), and visit the Ecological Footprint website  where they have a lot more other tools.

LOVE the planet you live in..


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